• Recognized globally for pioneering thought leadership and transformative impact, Dexterity Classrooms have trained over 22 lakh people across rural and urban India.

  • Dexterity Classrooms are rigorously designed non-certificate and certificate courses that are delivered online and offline.


    Classrooms in five identified areas equip students, parents and teachers with new age skills, knowledge and competencies to excel in an ever-changing world.

    Learning and Teaching in 21st Century

    Dexterity Classrooms equip teachers, parents and students with effective ways of learning and teaching—methods that can educate and prepare future world leaders. Several thousand teachers and parents across India have received training under this.

    Leadership and Public Service

    Dexterity Classrooms have enabled young people across India to redefine their education and reclaim their leadership. Classrooms are equipping students and professionals to become effective leaders and dedicate their lifetime to public service and nation building.

    Higher Education and Global Opportunities

    Dexterity Classrooms have trained hundreds of thousands of young people to pursue a world-class higher education and equipped them with tools and resources to make use of global educational opportunities.

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    From topmost institutions to the remotest of villages, students and professionals in rural and urban India have undergone training at Classrooms on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These young people today are solving some of the most pressing problems of our times through their organizations.

    Transforming Self

    Classrooms on Transforming Self equip students and professionals in Communication and Critical Thinking, Empathy and Fearlessness, Scientific Temperament and Spirituality—skills and facets of critical importance at the 21st century workplace.